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Best Breakfast in Seattle: 11 Local Favorites

Is there anything better than a lazy, weekend breakfast? There’s something special about spending a carefree morning enjoying food with friends, your significant other, or family. Getting breakfast and brunch in Seattle is a particular treat because there are so many mouthwatering options to choose from! We’re always on board for a good bakery run or doughnut fix, but check out our guides to the Best Bakeries in Seattle and Best Donuts in Seattle to see our favorite spots for those.

This guide to the Best Breakfast in Seattle is our highlight reel of the very best breakfast and brunch menus that keep us coming back for more. We get excited about going out for breakfast and want to eat food that is significantly better than the pedestrian scrambled eggs and toast you can make at home. For that very reason, we adore this collection of Seattle restaurants.

7. Geraldine’s Counter

Geraldine’s Counter is a casual and inviting choice for your weekend brunch in Seattle. Located slightly off the beaten path in Columbia City, this diner-style restaurant serves the best french toast in the city. Topped with seasonally fresh fruit, their french toast has an impossibly crispy exterior while remaining wonderfully soft on the inside. They don’t take reservations, so consider visiting on a weekday to avoid long, weekend waits for a coveted spot at Geraldine’s Counter.

By: Bonnie Bradford


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