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The Best Breakfasts in Seattle

Why save waffles for the weekend?

One of the many charms of Cafe Flora’s vegetarian menu: it’s available for breakfast. Image: Courtesy Belathee Photography/Cafe Flora

Breakfast is its own thing. Brunch happens on the weekends, with crowds and mimosas. A good bagel, a biscuit sandwich, or a fresh doughnut are all great for breakfast. But a restaurant that serves a proper sit-down breakfast is something else entirely (okay, yes, some of them also serve brunch). Here are our favorite spots for a full-on morning meal.

Columbia City

Perfect french toast and fluffy pancakes with the lightest hint of orange, eggs done just the way you wanted: Columbia City’s fiercely beloved community hub makes breakfast dishes so good, you remember why they became classics in the first place. Weekday mornings deliver the same expansive menu, minus the weekend crowds.


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