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Columbia City Restaurants Reflect a Diverse History

A neighborhood guide

Columbia City is approaching peak Seattle hipness, thanks to its vibrant, multi-racial community, range of incomes, and growing population of young trend-setters. While the cost of living is rising as fast as the influx of A-type professionals, the beloved food scene remains steadfast, and hopefully will for a long time.

The historical diversity of the neighborhood is evident in the plethora of food options from various corners of the world, from the alluring spices of the African coasts to the rich comfort foods found in the deep South. The result is a laundry list of soulful spots, all conveniently collected here for your bookmarking pleasure — and easy to support even as a traveler, thanks to light rail.

Geraldine's Counter

Finding a solid breakfast spot in Seattle isn’t the challenge, it’s finding the perfect one. Fortunately for Columbia City, it doesn’t get much better than Geraldine’s Counter, a solid brick-and-mortar that serves all-day breakfast made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The now-infamous French Toast is crisped with warm melted butter, a seasonal topping, and a semi-sweet maple syrup. Ask any local, and they’ll vouch for this charismatic cafe.


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