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The Best Restaurants in the South End Right Now

Next-level deep dish, juicy rotisserie chicken, and pillowy pita: Seattle’s southerly neighborhoods harbor long-standing laid-back restaurants and ambitious newcomers alike.

Breezy Town is but a counter inside the Clock-Out Lounge, but oh, that pizza | IMAGE: SARA MARIE D’EUGENIO


American/New American, All-Day Breakfast

If La Medusa is Columbia City’s dining room and Tutta Bella its kitchen, Geraldine’s is its breakfast nook. Packed with families, clattering with action, and staffed with the kind of servers who stop and clap when a toddler does the Pancake Dance in the aisle—let’s just say this modern urban diner ain’t the place for an intimate talk, or, for that matter, any kind of talk at all. It is, however, a swell place for sour batard french toast, crispy hash browns, and divine coffee cake by morning, chili and hand-formed burgers by afternoon—from folks who value quality ingredients, in a sensational brick and windowed room that has become the warm soul of its neighborhood.


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